Company Overview

Bharat Serums And Vaccines Limited (BSV) is one of the fastest growing biopharmaceutical companies in India and has been ranked amongst the top 10 Indian biopharmaceutical companies. The Company, founded in 1971, is based in Mumbai, India and has over 900 employees.

BSV researches, develops, manufactures, and markets injectable biological, pharmaceutical, and biotech products. Its product portfolio comprises 25 brands which include plasma derivatives, monoclonals, fertility hormones, antifungals, anaesthetics, cardiovascular drugs and equine immunoglobulins / antitoxins. BSV provides its products to retail outlets and hospitals through distributors primarily in India and also internationally. In addition to its commercial operation, the Company has an extensive research and development platform working on the development of new drug delivery systems, biotechnology / recombinant therapeutics, and biological / equine products.

BSV currently has two private equity investors, Kotak Private Equity and Orbimed.

Bharat Serums And Vaccines Limited is a company with a noble mission to give life to life.

We are a company that focus our scientific knowledge to for the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of specialized biological, pharmaceutical and biotechnology products that combat disease and enhance quality of life.

We pursue our purpose by bringing to the world a wide range of plasma derivatives, monoclonals, hormones, equine anti toxins and serums, antifungals, anaesthetics, cardiovasculars and diagnostic products.

Our range of products and their efficacy has made BSV a market leader in many segments and one of India's fastest growing bio-pharmaceutical companies. BSV is looking forward to sustaining this growth in the future by continually evolving and expanding its product portfolio.

We are a research oriented organisation with state of the art R&D facilities in India, Germany and USA. We have company owned and joint venture based manufacturing facilities in Ambernath, Ahmedabad, and Aachen, Germany.

The company also has a horse farm for production of equine anti sera and anti toxins. Our brands are marketed all over India and exported to over 45 countries across the world.

BSV's mission is to be an innovative, caring and trustworthy partner in bringing life to life. As a part of its mission, the Company is committed to mitigating the anguish and suffering of millions. BSV achieves this with its scientific processes, manufacturing expertise and ethical pursuits that introduce new biological and biotechnology products, as well as novel drug delivery systems.