Business Operations- Overseas

International Business Division

  • With a zest born out of the desire to improve health and quality of life globally, BSV started its international business operations in early 2000. The international business operation got a major boost with the commissioning of the new Ambernath plant in 2003.
  • Integrated with a sound manufacturing facility at Ambernath and an efficient regulatory team, BSV has seen an exponential rise in its revenues accruing from international business operations over the years. The Company's products are registered in more than 45 countries and its manufacturing facilities are accredited and certified by various regulatory authorities from Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa , etc. BSV has its liaison offices in Russia, Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ukraine and also has country managers based in various countries in Asia Pacific, Russia CIS, Latin America and Africa.
  • Our international business division also undertakes extensive marketing activities in target countries ranging from scientific symposiums and individual CMEs conducted in all regions with prominent KOLs.
  • BSV also works with international health agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) (the world's oldest international public health agency) and the Ministry of Health of various countries. BSV works with these agencies with the aim to improve the quality of the lives of people.
  • The Company's product portfolio consists of biological, biosimilars and complex generics which require significant comprehensive information in the dossier. BSV's regulatory team is well experienced in developing dossiers as per CTD/ACTD formats for such complex products.
  • BSV is also open to exploring alternative business models including local /regional contract manufacturing & tech transfers for expediting availability of its life saving solutions in select countries.
  • BSV is committed to making available its life saving products globally to help meet the unmet medical needs of the global population at large.
  • BSV strives to strike regional/country specific partnerships to help meet it's objectives.