Partner With Us- Out-Licensing

"Great things happen once someone sees the next step"

BSV's product pipeline includes several injectable products (complex generics) across various novel drug delivery systems including liposomes, lipid complexes, emulsions, microspheres, implants and cyclodextrines, which are in various stages of development. BSV believes that many of these products are critical given the therapy areas they target, however the time to reach the market is substantial due to various factors such as:

- High technology barriers:

  • Challenges in formulation development due to technical and scientific reasons, which is evident from the fact that despite patent expiration, there are currently no generics available for some of these products
  • Use of customized excipients
  • Challenges in manufacturing due to complex technologies
  • Challenges in bio-equivalence or clinical studies

- High investment

- Unique supply chain

The difficulties associated with the development, manufacture and commercialization of these products have served as a barrier for companies to capitalize on these opportunities.

As many of these products represent significant market opportunities, we are seeking an alliance with partners who have complementary expertise that can enable us to bring these products within reach of patients in need (specifically in geographies where BSV is currently not present, e.g EU, USA and other regulated markets).

We believe that, by partnering / out-licensing these opportunities, it significantly reduces the time required to commercialize and market these products on a global scale, thus enabling millions of patients timely access to these products .

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