Partner With Us - In-Licensing

In order to build BSV's portfolio of partnered products that is one of the key drivers of BSV's revenue model, BSV is constantly focusing on exploration and identification of business opportunities to partner with other companies, both in India and globally, for in-licensing of products that are in accordance with the Company's strategic goals. Partnering on such opportunities enables BSV to offer products that complement BSV's existing basket of products.

Through its portfolio of niche primary line, life saving injectables and other complementary drug therapies, BSV has developed considerable market strengths in various therapeutic areas such as Gynecology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Urology, Neurology, Nephrology and Haematology.

This taken together with BSV's strong sales team of over 900 sales people, which covers the entire Indian subcontinent, as well as a significant presence in several international markets can be leveraged to market BSV's partner products.

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