Business Operations- Domestic

Products are sold through 6 specialized divisions, targeting the following specialties:

  • Gynecology – Ensuring Women's well being with comprehensive Care from conception to delivery
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology :- Turning hopes of aspiring mothers into reality
  • Critical Care :- Wide Range of products in Acute Therapy Area
  • Emergency Medicine :- A reliable and time tested partner in Emergency risk management
  • Neurology , Nephrology & Haematology :- Offering cornerstone therapies in a niche segment.
  • Urology:- A young division focused on providing therapies for urological problems


Diva is the prime division of BSV, operating in the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Segment.

Division has a well-trained field force of 300 dedicated people covering more than 20,000 gynecologists across the country.

Flagship Brands are Rhoclone® and Hucog®.

Committed to care for the health of women in their fertile age.

A wide range of products for Antenatal and Prenatal care.

Ensuring womens' journey to safe motherhood with the help of products available to take care of luteal Phase defect, Rh iso immunization and labor management.

Diva product portfolio is enriched with Rhoclone (Anti D immunoglobulin) for prevention of Rh isoimmunization, a range of gonadotrophins, GnRh Analogues for conception and prostaglandin analogues for leutal phase support and Labor management.


A team of 60 dedicated and well trained executives targeting 500 IVF centers across the country . A close ended and controllable business model.

Flagship Brand is Foligraf (recombinant follicle stimulating hormone)

Only company in the world offering all three generations of gonadotrophins

A complete solution in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)

A wide range of products from down regulation to conception


Elite is a tender driven division of BSV, operating in hospital based emergency medicine and casualty

Division has well-trained field force of 80 dedicated people covering more than 8000 customers

Leader in Plasma and Anti sera segment

Flagship Brands are Tetglob , Equirab & ASVS

Most of the products are market leaders in their segment - The largest supplier of ASVS in Asia

Turning risks in the favor of patients

Product range comprises of ASVS , Equirab, Berirab, Tetglob


Altius is the second largest division of the company and operating in Critical care segment.

Offering life saving quality solution

This division is operating on Hospital centric model and all the drugs are being prescribed to the admitted patients. Division has well-trained field force of 280 dedicated people covering more than 20,000 customers across the country

Altius has a strong presence in Critical Care Segment with the range of plasma volume expanders (Albumin, Plasmanate , HES) and antimicrobials (a range of AmB preparations i.e. AMPHOTRET (Conventional Amphotericin B 50 mg) and Amphomul – Lipid emulsion formulation).

Flagship Brands :- Gamma IV and Albumin

Ulinastatin (or urinary trypsin inhibitor, UTI) is a glycoprotein which acts as a trypsin inhibitor. It is effective in treatment of pancreatitis, toxic shock and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN)


A super specialty division operating in the niche market with a field Force. of 30 business managers

Anagen has a sophisticated range of very unique products

Offering corner-stone therapies in Transplantation and Aplastic Anemia

Market leader in ATG (Anti human thymocyte globulin)

Flagship Brands :- Thymogam & Ampholip

Targeting Neurologists , Nephrologists and Haematologists

Newly launched Amphonex (Generic Liposomal Amphotericin B)

A comprehensive range of Antifungals

Markets imported products Dysport.


A newly launched division operating in the niche market with a field Force of 30 business managers

Urocare has a sophisticated range of very unique products

Flagship Brands :- Luprodex

Targeting  Urologists , Uro-oncologists, Intensive care

A range of GnRh analogues (Luprodex) for the management of Prostate cancer

Offering corner store therapies in urological problems

A comprehensive range of drugs targeting Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia management