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While our products are powered by biotech R&D, the reach of our products across India is powered by a robust partner network.

Assured deliveries to hospitals and specialist HCPs is a huge opportunity for us to make a meaningful difference to the lives of patients.

We have eight specialized divisions to service our products within the speciality areas of Gynaecology, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine ,Neurology , Nephrology & Haematology and Urology.

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Diva is our prime division operating in the Gynaecology and Obstetrics segment. This division has a well-trained field force of ~250 dedicated people covering 20,000+ gynaecologists across the country.

  • Flagship brands are Rhoclone® and Hucog®
  • Diva is committed to care for the health of women in their fertile age
  • A wide range of products for Antenatal and Prenatal care
  • Ensures womens' journey to safe motherhood through products that can cure luteal phase defect, Rh iso immunization and labor management.
  • Diva product portfolio is enriched with Rhoclone (Anti D immunoglobulin) for prevention of Rh isoimmunization, a range of gonadotrophins, GnRh Analogues for conception and prostaglandin analogues for leutal phase support and labor management.

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A team of 60 dedicated and well trained executives covering over 1500 IVF centers across the country.

  • Flagship brand is Foligraf (recombinant follicle stimulating hormone)
  • One and only company globally to offer all three generations of gonadotrophins
  • Offers a complete solution in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)
  • A wide range of products from down regulation to conception

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Instaviz is our tender-driven division which operates in hospital-based emergency medicine and casualty. This division has a well-trained field force of ~50 dedicated people covering more than 8000 customers

  • Market leader in the Plasma and Anti sera segments
  • Flagship brands are Tetglob , Equirab & ASVS
  • Most of the products are market leaders in their segment
  • The largest supplier of ASVS in Asia
  • Turned risks in favor of patients
  • Product range comprises of ASVS, Equirab, Berirab, Tetglob

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Altius is our second largest division operating in the Critical care segment. The division offers life saving quality solution. We operate on a Hospital centric model and all the drugs are being prescribed to the admitted patients. Division has well-trained field force of 280 dedicated people covering more than 20,000 customers across the country.

  • Altius has a strong presence in the Critical Care segment with a range of plasma volume expanders (Albumin, Plasmanate, HES) and antimicrobials. Antimicrobials include a range of AmB preparations viz Amphotret (Conventional Amphotericin B 50 mg) and Amphomul (Lipid emulsion formulation)
  • Flagship brands are Gamma IV and Albumin
  • Ulinastatin (or urinary trypsin inhibitor, UTI) is a glycoprotein which acts as a trypsin inhibitor. It is effective in the treatment of pancreatitis, toxic shock and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN)

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Our super specialty division operating in the niche market with a field force of 30 business managers. We have a sophisticated range of unique products that offer cornerstone therapies in Transplantation and Aplastic Anemia

  • Market leader in ATG (Anti human thymocyte globulin)
  • Market leader in ATG (Anti human thymocyte globulin)
  • Targeting Neurologists, Nephrologists and Haematologists
  • Newly launched Amphonex (Generic Liposomal Amphotericin B)
  • A comprehensive range of Antifungals
  • Markets imported products Dysport

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With a sophisticated range of unique products Urocare division operates in a niche market with a field force of 30 business managers

  • Flagship brand is Luprodex
  • Targeting urologists, uro-oncologists and intensivists
  • A range of GnRh analogues (Luprodex) for the management of prostate cancer
  • Offers cornerstore therapies in urological problems
  • A comprehensive range of drugs targeting Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia management

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A team that focusses on obstetricians and gynaecologists, helping them manage patients of Bad Obstetrics History through key products like Lonopin and Luprodex. The division has ~150 well trained fieldforce.

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A strong team of ~ 180 field force dedicated to multiple specialities; treating patients needing emergency care for dog bites, snake bites to critical care.

Major products in the portfolio consist of ASVS, Ampholip, Berirab-P, Zoonovac etc.