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Research & Development


Biotech R&D department is supported by a group of competent scientist having expertise in the field of Cell culture, fermentation, purification and analytical testing. Our exceptionally talented teams use their combined expertise to make sure that the recombinant therapeutics are characterised and from validated processes. The R&D labs are fully equipped with most advanced instruments for extensive physico-chemical and bioanalytical product characterization. Diversified talent pool of scientists in R&D plays a pivotal role of developing products, which are transferred to manufacturing facility for commercial production. Starting with biosimilars, the progression is structured to develop hormones, antibodies and proprietary and innovative recombinant biopharmaceuticals in various thrust areas. Biotech R&D has successfully developed 5 molecules which are at different stages of commercialization.


BSV's Biotech R&D has capabilities to develop complex biosimilars and first in world recombinant protein human therapeutics in injectable forms. BSV's Biotech R&D efforts are directed towards biopharmaceutical drug development through 4 principal domains:

Molecular Biology
Our molecular biology group is constantly engaged in path breaking research for discovery and development of various therapeutic proteins utilizing recombinant DNA technology. These include:

  • - Microbiology and Strain Improvement
  • - Biochemical Engineering
  • - Gene Cloning and Expression

Process Sciences
BSV has a strong development team with following expertise:

  • - Fermentation development
  • - Purification
  • - Scale-up operations
  • - Formulations
  • - Analytical method development
  • - Characterization
  • - Stability studies

Non-clinical Research
Our scientists undertake toxicology and pharmacology studies and provide assurance of safety in molecules under investigation. We plan, develop and work based on global regulatory requirements.

Clinical Research
The Biologics team has several years of experience in recombinant hormones and antibodies.


Biotech department is equipped with specialized equipment to carry the development and analysis of :

  • 2L, 7L and 30 L Bioreactors
  • CO2 incubators
  • Akta Prime Chromatographic system
  • Diafiltration/ultrafiltration units

Development is well supported by in-house analytical infrastructure such as:

  • HPLC with PDA detectors
  • UV/VS spectrophotometer
  • Inverted microscope
  • Electrophoresis assembly
  • Western Blot unit